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Full rules and regulations

For full details about the rules and regulations of the event visit the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council Website.

Event entry requirements

To be part of it, you need to pay 22 Eur for your registration, we will accept only people

who already purchased a Prague Zouk Congress pass.

Key points to remember

  • Timing must be consistent.

  • Competitors should take care in the manner they interpret the selected song.

  • Use appropriate breaks and holds, being rhythmically in sync with the music.

  • Competitors must demonstrate basic timing for at least 60% of each song. This can be reflected in foundation movements, turn patterns, and others.



  • Brazilian Zouk motion and posture

  • Proper use of Brazilian Zouk Foundation movements

  • Correct footwork in Foundation movements and turn patterns

  • Fundamental dance technique (e.g footwork placement, frame, balance, etc)

Adequate use of head movements and Cambrés



  • The complexity of the footwork

  • The complexity of overall improvisation

  • The originality of turn patterns


Connection & synchronicity

  • Interaction with partners (Coordination of movements between them, lead/follow relationship)

  • Focus on the fluidity of the dance




  • Wear Shoes (Dance shoes or other comfortable shoes for dancing are allowed)

  • High heels are not mandatory however judges will favourably take into account the additional complexity this introduces to the dance

Wear clothes as if you were going to a social dance party – you want to stand out to the judges

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