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Get ready for an unforgettable experience on our Zouk City Tour, where we'll explore all the most iconic sights of this wonderful city! Let yourself be enchanted by the imposing presence of Christ the Redeemer, delight in the panoramic view of Sugarloaf Mountain, and marvel at many other stunning destinations that Rio has to offer.

But that's not all! Our tour will also include a refreshing dip in the most famous and crystal-clear beaches of Rio de Janeiro. We'll visit the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema, where the infectious energy of Rio permeates every corner. Additionally, we'll explore exotic beaches, closer to nature, that only true connoisseurs of the city have the privilege to enjoy. Quiet spots, beloved by locals, where you can relax and cherish precious moments with family and friends.

And the best part: all sightseeing and transportation are included in the participants' Full Pass! So you can make the most of every moment of this unique journey, worry-free.

Get ready for a journey of dance, fun, and discovery! This will be a Zouk Retreat like no other, where each moment will be a celebration of the beauty and culture of Rio de Janeiro. We can't wait to share this unique adventure with all of you!

One of the most memorable experiences during our stay in Rio de Janeiro will be the visit to Rocinha Favela, guided by the native resident Carlos da Silva, who knows every corner and story of this unique community. Located between the neighborhoods of São Conrado and Gávea, Rocinha is recognized as the largest favela in Latin America, home to thousands of people who face daily challenges with resilience and creativity.

During our tour, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves deeply in the vibrant culture and pulsating energy that characterize life in Rocinha. We will explore its colorful alleys, where the sound of music and the smell of local food permeate the air, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere.

Furthermore, Carlos will share fascinating stories with us about the history, traditions, and challenges faced by the community over the years. From local entrepreneurship initiatives to social and cultural projects, we will discover how Rocinha's residents come together in solidarity and determination to overcome obstacles and build a better future for their families and neighbors. This experience will not only allow us to better understand Rio de Janeiro but also challenge us to reflect on issues of social inequality, urbanism, and inclusion. By the end of the day, we will leave Rocinha with a new perspective and a profound respect for the strength and resilience of its community.

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