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**Subscription Terms and Conditions**

Welcome to Carlos and Fernanda, Brazilian Zouk online classes! We appreciate your subscription and want to ensure a smooth experience for you. By subscribing to our service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. **Subscription Renewal:**
   - The automatic renewal process is contingent upon the plan you've selected (e.g., monthly, annually, or semi-annually). You will be automatically charged the specified amount at the frequency corresponding to your chosen plan until you decide to cancel your subscription.

2. **Cancellation Process:**
   - If you decide to discontinue our service, you can easily cancel your subscription through your Member account on our website.

3. **No Refund Policy:**
   - Please be aware that we strictly adhere to a no-refund policy. In the event of a subscription cancellation, we do not refund any money. It is the customer's responsibility to manage their subscription and initiate cancellation when needed.

4. **Customer Responsibility:**
   - The responsibility for canceling a subscription rests solely with the customer. We recommend actively managing your subscription status to avoid any unintended charges.

5. **Prohibited Actions:**
   - Users are explicitly prohibited from downloading, reselling, or sharing their subscription. Any violation of this policy may result in the cancellation of your plan, with no entitlement to a refund.

6. **Automatic Price Adjustment:**
   - If the subscription plan price changes, the updated amount will automatically apply upon the renewal of your plan.

7. **Benefits Modification:**
   - We reserve the right to alter the benefits included in our plans without the obligation to provide prior notice.

8. **Additional Benefits Contact:**
   - To avail of benefits not received automatically as part of your plan, please contact our support team.

9. **Intellectual Property:**
   - All intellectual property rights related to the content provided remain with us. Users are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or modify our content without authorization.

10. **Limited Liability:**
    - We limit our liability in cases of service interruptions, data loss, or other technical issues. Please review the extent of our liability in these situations.

11. **Changes to Terms:**
    - We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions. Users will be notified of such changes, and continued use of our service implies acceptance of the updated terms.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact our support team at

Thank you for choosing Carlos and Fernanda Brazilian Zouk online classes!

**How to Register for dance classes local and online, events, and festivals local and online?**

To initiate your registration, complete the payment process by selecting your pass and making the payment through PayPal, credit card, or in cash at the event entrance for the chosen pass. Ensure you input your full name (as per your passport) during the registration process, and remember to present your ID or passport at the festival entrance to receive your full pass.

Upon the successful receipt of payment, the registration is considered complete, and a confirmation email will be sent to each participant finalizing the registration process.

**Terms and Conditions for Festival, Regular Classes, and Virtual Classes**

1. **Completion of Registration:** Registration is deemed complete only upon the successful receipt of payment, with participants notified via email.

2. **Information Responsibility:** Buyers are responsible for obtaining necessary information about terms, conditions, and event upgrades for the festival, regular classes, and virtual classes.

3. **Pass Transfer and Cancellation:**
   - Pass or ticket transfers incur a 15 Euro fee and are only allowed up to 10 days before the event or local/virtual dance course starts.
   - Cancellation is permitted only in the case of serious illness (with a medical report).
   - Participant cancellation incurs a 50% fee of the paid price if they choose not to attend.

4. **Missed Classes and Refund Policy:** Participants missing a regular or online class have 24 hours to request the class videos. No refunds are provided for missed classes. If a participant misses multiple classes and wishes to remain in the course, they must make up for the missed steps with private lessons.

5. **Surcharge:** The PayPal/Credit Card surcharge, non-negotiable or refundable, covers merchant fees.

6. **Responsibility for Damages:** Buyers are liable for any damages caused at the event venue and for personal accidents; the organization is not responsible.

7. **Organizational Changes:** Organizers reserve the right to change instructors, DJs, workshops, parties, programs, venues, event dates, local class dates, and other details without prior notice.

8. **Liability Waiver:** Organizers are not liable for any loss or damage arising from ticket purchase or event attendance.

9. **Media Usage:** Organizers reserve the right to use photos and videos of participants for promotional purposes.

10. **Footwear Policy:** Street shoes are not allowed in dance halls or studios during workshops.

11. **Terms Modification:** The organization retains the right to modify terms for the festival, regular classes, and virtual classes, and participants will be notified accordingly.

12. **Data Privacy:** Personal data will not be shared and will be used solely for our communication network.


**Contact Information:**
- Email:
- **LANCEF GROUP s.r.o.**
   Carlos Antonio da Silva
   Nadrazni 894/44, Praha 150 00

**Agreement to Terms and Conditions:** By participating, the attendee agrees to the terms and conditions of this site, even if not in their native language.

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