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In our Zouk classes, students will receive not only high-quality technical instruction but also a complete immersion in the art and culture of this engaging dance. Under the guidance of our talented teachers, participants will develop not only their dance skills but also experience significant personal transformation. The benefits go beyond the physical, including improved coordination, posture, and body awareness, as well as promoting a sense of connection with the partner and the music.

To further enrich our experience, we plan to participate in local city Zouk parties, diving into the authentic carioca culture. These will not be isolated events but rather an opportunity to connect with local residents and experience the true spirit of Rio de Janeiro. Our goal is to provide a complete immersion in the experience of being a carioca, not just dancing in a foreign environment but fully integrating into the life and culture of the city. This is the focus of our mission: to offer a unique and transformative experience that will enrich the lives of all involved.

With an exclusive group of 15 leaders and 15 followers, we guarantee an unprecedented experience where interaction and learning will be intensified. We will be a united community, sharing not only dance steps but also stories, experiences, and a profound love for the art of Zouk.

In the middle of our retreat, we will have the privilege of hosting an extraordinary special party: a grand Zouk dance, with the participation of various renowned artists, where students will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in a vibrant and welcoming environment. With several artists and special guests, this celebration will be the highlight of the project, marking not only the celebration of the first part of the retreat but also the realization of an unforgettable journey.


It is important to emphasize that this party will not be exclusive to retreat participants but open to everyone, allowing the local community to join us in this special moment. We expect significant participation from native dancers, as it is this diversity that will further enrich the experience for all involved.

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