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We warmly welcome participants from all around the world to join our competition. The competitors are required to purchase a full pass and register to each division. Make sure you are certain about which category you can register for.

Euro Open allows Brazilian Zouk and Lambada dancers to participate in any competition, with a strict condition that you must not mix Zouk timing with Lambada until the end of your performance. If this occurs, you will be automatically placed last in the competition. Dancers should be consistent with the timing of the chosen dance style.

There is a division and category for everyone!
The competition includes Solo categories and Partnered categories.

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Don't hesitate to join the dance competition, even if you're just starting out! In the world of dance, each person has their own category to compete in. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, there's a place for everyone.

If you're new to dancing, you'll compete with others who are also beginners, just like you. It's all about enjoying the rhythm and learning new moves along the way. Remember, everyone begins their dance journey somewhere, and each journey is special.

For those at the professional level, you'll have your own division to compete in. It's an opportunity to showcase your talent and perform alongside others who share your level of expertise.

So, let's embrace the joy of dance competition! Whether you're a novice, an amateur, or a seasoned professional, there's space for everyone to participate and revel in the beauty of dance. Let's compete and celebrate the art of movement together!