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It's a world of fun, new friends, and a healthier. Escape the workday stress and join us on the dance floor."

Dance classes for Bachata,

Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, and more!"

Let's groove together!









Are you tired of feeling frustrated with classes that don't teach you anything? Are you doing counterbalance wrong and getting hurt? Do you watch others on the dance floor and wish you could move like them?

Now is your chance to learn the secrets of counterbalance in an easy, practical, and effective way. Carlos and Fernanda, renowned experts in Brazilian Zouk, will guide you through this transformative journey.

The Counterbalance Secret Unveiled!

The Supreme Counterbalance Immersion with Carlos and Fernanda

What You Will Learn?

  • Technical Mastery: Understand the fundamental techniques of counterbalance.

  • Elegant Movements: Learn to connect movements smoothly and gracefully.

  • Harmonious Transitions: Discover how to perform different exits and entries, connecting one counterbalance to another effortlessly.

  • Exclusive Skills: Surprise your friends with new counterbalances, beautiful effects, and fluid movements.

  • Practical Application: Enjoy fun and engaging social dances throughout the weekend to practice what you've learned.

Unmissable 10 incredible hours of Training!

Benefits of the Immersion

  • Enhanced Body Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your body, your partner's body, and the internal and external forces at play.

  • Mental Clarity: Learn to calm your mind, breathe better during the dance, and conserve energy through efficient movement.

  • Show and Social Styles: Master counterbalances for both show-stopping performances and social dance settings.

  • Efficient Learning: Stop wasting hours trying to learn counterbalance techniques. This immersion will equip you to easily pick up any counterbalance in future classes.

  • Personalized Feedback: Limited spots ensure high-quality teaching and individual attention from Carlos and Fernanda.

  • Exclusive Discount: All participants will receive 50% off their first private lesson with Carlos and Fernanda.

  • Official Certification: Receive a certificate of participation signed by Carlos and Fernanda.

  • Exclusive Community: Join a community of passionate dancers and make lifelong friends.

Limited Spots Available!

Don't miss this opportunity to take your dance to a new level. Secure your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of Counterbalance!

Event Details

📅 Date: September 20th to 22nd, 2024
📍 Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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